Hull/Leeds/Wakefield trip

Hey guys!

I have made the decision to keep a blog in order to show you guys what I’m doing during my course so that you can follow my journey into games design. I thought that by keeping a blog would allow me to personally reflect on what I’ve learned, need to learn and to see how my skills change over time as I progress through the course.

So I guess I best fill you in with what I’ve done so far!

We visited Ferens art gallery as a group in order to gain some inspiration for our games design course. We needed to see what ideas and information we could pull from this unique place in order to capture it and make it into something of our own. I found the task daunting as I have never been asked to do such a project, yet the challenge of trying this new approach to finding inspiration from other artists who we may know nothing about or have little reason to look at their work, UNTIL TODAY.

While at Ferens I was drawn to several pieces but in particular was the large piece by John Keane which was titled ‘Fairy Tale of London’. The reason I found this exhibit interesting in particular was the constant referencing to struggle and despair. I liked how the artist created an atmosphere and how he also made you feel for the characters displayed within the oil painting.  All the paintings within the gallery allowed me to fully immerse myself into what the artist was trying to portray, so for me the gallery was an amazing experience.

We also visited two other galleries in Wakefield and Leeds which were as fascinating to me as ferens art gallery yet I know this was probably a rare opportunity to visit so I’m glad I was able to go. I managed to pick up a range of drawings and information from both these additional galleries, but also I was able to experience Leeds as this was my first time visiting! I will blog some drawings and more information on the galleries later on, so keep checking this blog guys

Peace out xo

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