Introduction to Games Design>History of Games Design>New topic!

I was given a ‘lens’ in order to diversify the class so each persons work would be different. I am to incline my work towards Game Art/Aesthetics/Trends while creating my history of gaming timeline. I am excited to explore this particular theme because I have a large interest in the graphics and designs within games. For game art, I will research not only games that have interested me in terms of their visual appeal but look outside of the box and look into new styles of game art and enhance my knowledge of current and new game artists.  For Aesthetics I will explore the definition of what the word actually means in order to gain a solid understanding of its meaning. I will research a range of aesthetics and how they apply to the graphics of games. Finally, I will talk about the ‘Trends’ within the physical design and how they repeat themselves over a set period of time and I will talk about the reasons why this occurs. For each of the subjects I will give a thorough explanation, retentive images and links as well as my opinion on each. I will begin my research sooner rather then later as this subject seems interesting as game art in general is something that intrigues me. I will post all my research and finding within my next post so watch this space.

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