3D Artists

So, last week I was asked to look into some 3D artists and to select the one I wanted to pursue. I ventured into finding artists that were inspirational to me yet had also shipped games. The first artist I discovered was Claes Engdal who worked on the environments and textures for many games, in particular ‘Brothers – tale of two sons’.  The reason I love the works by Claes Engdal is how surreal his environments look and how easily you can become confused between fantasy and reality if you were to play in one of his many environments.

Brothers environment

Another artist I found while researching was Simon Pennington who specialises within 3D characters and environments. He has worked on a few triple A games such as Medieval II: TOTAL WAR’ and ‘Halo 4 – Crimson DLC’, The reason I liked this artist was the range of skills and styles he shows when creating a wide variety of things, for example the two images below show two different types of required skills and styles needed for each environment/character.


What I found most inspirational about Simon was his ability within UDK, which he used to create a sea defence. I was really blown away at his capability to create something which was almost lifelike within a matter of months. He wrote that this was an ‘exercise in cliff sculpting and water shaders’ which I personally believe he nailed everything he was possibly aiming to achieve as the result of his project was amazing.

My favourite artist that I stumbled upon was Gavin Goulden who worked on many hit titles including Bioshock Infinite, Dead rising 2 and Dragonage origins. He is an amazing character and weapons artist who keeps his website posted with up to date digital sculptures and uses the website as a platform to promote himself.  I really like this artist in particular due to his unique style of the characters he creates, as to me they all express different personalities and look as if he is bringing his ideas to life through digital sculpturing and his final character designs. Looking at Gavin Goulden’s work has made me want to research further into digital sculpturing and hope to create something of my own this year which I could possibly use within this current module.

These are my reasons to why I have selected Gavin Goulden as my chosen artist and why I am to use him as inspiration for my clay sculpture of a character that I am to design. I hope to use the key features from Gavin’s work to influence my sculpture and I will create a small portfolio of how I used his work within my final piece.

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