3D Artist Inspiration: Gavin Goulden 16/10/2013

The artist I have chosen to look into for my 3D artist inspiration is Gavin Goulden due to how inspiring his work is to me. I have previously written about Gavin during my ‘3D Artist’ post as I was researching into artists that have shipped games and looking in depth at some of their work. I made the decision to look into Gavin’s work in particular because of my keen interest for digital sculptures and hope to begin practicing myself in order to hopefully learn some of the skills and techniques he uses to create such beautiful pieces.

For my class project we have been asked to create a 3D model, I have made the decision to create a character designed by myself using Gavin’s style and influences from his work for inspiration in order to create a clay model of a character (from the bust up).  Gavin Goulden has inspired me to look at the steam punk fashion and implement it into my character design due to his designs within Bioshock Infinite, such as the motorized patriot and the boys of silence being something that I want to bring into my work due to their unique style. Another factor of Gavin’s work I find admirable is his range of character designs and how he breathes life to each one (in regards to personality using visuals) despite the contrast in each character, an example of this would be his Captian Beefheart in comparison to his character designs from Dead rising 2.

Wanting to find out more, I decided to reach into ways that I may be able to contact Gavin Goulden; which to my delight I discovered he had a Twitter account! Confronting an inspirational figure is NOT easy (as I quicky discovered) so I decided to ask him about his work flow and inspirations. He responded to my tweet with information explaining his work flow and a list of people who have inspired him over the years. I will compose an additional blog post regarding information which Gavin provided to me once I have looked at his inspirations myself. Futhermore, I will compose within that blog post concept designs of my character as well as a draft clay model of the character so I can get used to using clay (due to it being my first time using clay properly).

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