Still Life: 16/10/2013

DSC_0070 DSC_0069

The first lesson of the day and we get still life! How amazing is that! The reason I love still life as it allows you to draw an ‘everyday’ object and make it look really good using perspective drawing and being able to draw correct proportions .

I am familiar with a few artists such George Lance and Mary Cassatt who were both 19th century still life artists. The reason I like these artists is due to how they manage to capture life and how they transfer it onto canvas. George Lance is rather literal when it comes to his paintings but they are, in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing as they seem so surreal, while Mary Cassatt has a more simplistic style. In comparison to George Lance, it is not as detailed as his paintings yet I enjoy not only how she captures the human face but also how she manages to tell a journey through her work. She captures all different aspects of life using an abundance of colours and textures. I idolize her work as she uses her skill of perspective drawing so naturally and is able to create some amazing pieces using this technique.

I want to be able to work on my perspective skill as last week we had a lesson on the basics of perspective drawing and how we could apply this to our work more effectively. I had hoped to enhance my current ability by practising this during this lesson. I decided to focus on a snapshot of my still life set in order to focus more on the single object as I thought this would give me time to practise drawing in perspective so that I could grow more comfortable with the technique in order to apply it to more complex models.

Picture 004

This was a result from drawing one of the two tattered mannequins that was within the still life set. For this drawing I used a HB Pencil and a black fine liner, and this was my result. I thought it went pretty well considering I was experimenting with perspective drawing and contour lines in order to create a 3d model on a 2d plane.

Picture 005

This was the second image I had attempted, it was of a small box filled with random things such as art supplies. I found this more difficult to attempt as it had various objects within the box and for some reason this began to complicate things. I think I began to feel less confident with my snap shot selection of the image due to not being comfortable with drawing multiple objects in a 3d perspective. I think in future I need to practise this more in order to grow more comfortable as this is something I will need to be able to produce designs with more than one object in.

The class was overall amazing and allowed me to notice my strengths and weaknesses in order to improve my work in general. This will work as a strength as I will be able to apply myself effectively where needed in order to improve.

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