Are your ‘Original’ ideas REALLY that original…? 23/10/2013

So I’m going to jump into this a little, but what are the factors of a design process and how can we understand them in order to apply them effectively? Well, lets start at the beginning. There are no two same designs processes but each design process follows a distinctive basic layout in order to structure our own design process.  We have come to the realization that every project is the same, obviously disregarding the subject of that project, but when it boils down to it each subject really is the same but what makes it worthwhile is the evolution of our own design process by a series of trail and error and research. By allowing our creative design process to grow is allowing our potential to grow in order to apply ourselves and generate ideas in hope to create something we deem ‘good enough’ for ourselves or our client.

When creating your own design process or at least re-evaluating your current design process, it is always best to consider the following:

  • The Brief! – You must interpritate this in order to gain a clear understanding of what is needed by the client
  • Design development and experimentation – Testing, observing, researching and developing ideas!
  • Further design and development with possible refinement – results in a range of images in which you select one to take to the final process
  • Refinement of possible final image
  • Preparation for presentation/pitch to client – allows you to display your work to the client and discuss what needs to be altered or adapted so the client is happy
  • Evaluation – allows room for self-evaluation as you will notice your mistakes or what you like within the final project, this would allow you to improve in the future!

To discover my design process, I will use my blog so that I can reflect on my work in order to see what my design process so that in future I will know my own process and that it wont appear to be so ‘random’.

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