Creating an online presence

In the lecture today we began to discuss online presence and how effective it is if applied correctly. Gareth compared our online presence as a ‘carbon footprint’ and that we should use this effectively in order to create an online presence of our own. In particular, this would be great for freelancing opportunities as I develop my skills in hope they soon reach ‘professional quality’. We spoke about updating our blogs on a regular basis,  this made me think about how slow and uncommitted I had been previously to updating my social platforms such as Twitter, so adjusting to this is of vital importance.

We were questioned to why this was of importance during our classroom discussion and we settled in the understanding that without a platform to voice and express yourself online, then we would be unable to promote ourselves and get noticed. So the internet allows us to communicate our ideas, paintings, drawings and discussions in order to get noticed, communicate with each other and to also educate those who are interested in the particular field and to get them to take note of who you are and what you can do. If we are to use the web space available effectively, than getting viewers to look at your work is a more likely to be a possibility then previously thought. By utilizing the available space and making the most of the available tools then we can express ourselves in many different aspects for a small fee (or usually free). By using the idea of owning an online web space, we can reflect on our own work but also receive criticism from our audience in order to prefect our own to improve our developing skills. Gareth mentioned about the use of hash tags within social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and how they use this facility in order to group relevant information together. Thinking about this more made me realize that if I created a Facebook group for my designs, then I could use the hash tag facility in order to group my work with relevant information so that a particular audience would be able to discover my works and so they can discover me as an artist.

Using other platforms such as DeviantArt to show my art amongst other creatives in order to not only to view other creatives art but to hear feedback on my own, in particular constructive criticism. This is effective as it allows you to take interest in yourself and see your art not only for how you see it but learn and understand what it means to others.  Other methods of how I can express myself include; blogs, web logs, business cards, hard copy portfolio and word of mouth.  We ended the session typically but this lesson made me realize I need to begin getting myself out there on a wider platform.

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