Photoshop: Further research

I began to experiment within Photoshop in order to create my own artwork through tools and skills I learned through my previous lesson. I began my process by drawing out a dragon using a standard HB pencil on a plain A5 sheet of sketch paper within my sketchbook. I then proceeded to bring that image into Photoshop and cropped around my image and deleted all surrounding unwanted construction lines by using the magic wand tool to select all the excess and simply pressed delete.  I used the curve tool within Photoshop to darken my final lines in order to make them become more noticeable. After this, I began to add a layer for each different part of my picture, for example when I was colouring the horns of my dragon I would colour this on a separate layer. The reason I did this was so I could alter my image at any point if I didn’t like a particular part without having to create the whole image again. I made sure that I set my paint brush to ‘multiply’ so that I was able to still see my key lines while painting. This was my before and after since scanning my image and my current result.

before and after

At this point I thought I was happy with my image but looking at it closer I was not satisfied with the horns on my dragon due to the lack of scales, it made it appear odd to me so I decided to import a texture within Photoshop and paint this onto the horns to make it look how I wanted to; This was my final result after merging my layers together. My previous lesson did play a major part for my ability to now create something to this level as previously I had no direction or knowledge to use Photoshop in this manner. It has given me full intention to allow my Photoshop skills to grow in particular as it is a major interest to me.

Dragon with scales2

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