Casual gaming proposal

As part of our ‘casual gaming’ module, we were asked to create an idea for a casual game. I wanted a game which was humorous and could provide up to hours of entertainment. One game like this in particular I enjoy is ‘Happy Wheels’. This game uses really simple limited keyboard controls so it is simplicity is one key factor to why it would be good to look at a game such as Happy Wheels for inspiration.


I have chosen to make my game a birdseye view as I believe this would allow me to meet the timescales of my project, as this would mean I could use limited background and concentrate on whats actually going on in the game. My games concept was difficult to choose but I decided that my game would be a puzzle game. The game will have small levels so they will be quick to completely but there will be a large range of playable levels which you will advance to once completing the previous one. The levels will start off easy and progress to extremely difficult. The idea for my game is that you must complete the level by making it past obstacles and collecting bonus items along the way which would add to your overall score. The game will not have a story behind it due to this being a casual game that anybody can simply pick up and play. My target market for this game would be ages 16+ due to the content within the game (constant horrific bloody deaths) although this game isn’t meant to be violent as it is a comedy game.

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