Architecture for a Games Designer

As a young inspired creative, I appreciate architecture in its many forms and can begin to understand the importance and value of using appropriate designs accordingly when designing architecture. Lately, when looking at well thought out and unique designs i have never considered really to how the artist came to be inspired to create such a piece and who there influences actually were. In Gareth’s lesson we spoke about the vision of such writers like H.P. Lovecraft and how he describes cities in such a masterful nightmare-like way, that allows artists to be inspired his books and to visually create nightmare-like cities and buildings as described. This was influential to artists as it gave them muse to create architecture design and express the same emotion in their own pieces just as H.P. Lovecraft did for them. In regards to my point made earlier, I have never honestly considered what artists I will turn to if asked within a brief to create a particular architectural piece during a certain era or with a particular style. On that note, I have decided that every weekend I will post a small blog posts looking into one artist such as an architect that I like for one reason or another so that overtime my library of information will grow and flourish as will I, which in turn will benefit me as a creative.

During Gareth’s lesson, we address the matter of having some knowledge of architecture and its importance to our discipline as when given a client brief we need to be able to quickly understand the client so they can get what they want, and so that we can understand what it is they are looking for. We discussed a range of different architectural styles and each one I intend to research more in depth as this lesson made me come to terms with the idea that my current knowledge in regards to architectural history and styles is rather limited. These are as follows:

  • Roman Architecture
  • Egyptian Architecture
  • Art Deco
  • Art Nouveau
  • Japanese Architecture
  • Chinese Architecture

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