‘Adaption’ Mini Brief Research – Blue beard concept and character ideas

Mini Brief – Design your own game

Blue beard


Bluebeard plot summary

Bluebeard is a rich figure who is feared by his community for his ugly appearance, which the most prominent feature to why people see him as ugly as he has a blue beard. Bluebeard has been married several times but as for what happened to his wives remains a mystery. This made woman not only nervous to see bluebeard due to his missing wives but his grotesque physical appearance was unappealing to most of the local woman. He confronted one of his neighbours and requested to marry one of her two beautiful daughters. Each disagreed so Bluebeard invited both daughters along with their mother to come stay in his large house for a few days to see if they would change their minds. Each day that they stayed, the daughters and the mother were deeply impressed with the range of entertainment that bluebeard had provided, from ball room dances to fishing trips, there was so much to do that the daughters could barely sleep as they enjoyed it so much.

Shortly after this, the youngest daughter makes the decision that bluebeard isn’t as bad as once thought and takes the opportunity to marry bluebeard and gain a lifetime of happiness. About a month after the marriage took place, Bluebeard announces that he is to go away for a short while and requests for his new wife to look after the house. He gives her all the keys for the house and explains that each key opens each door in the house containing his many treasures, but there is one room that she must never enter no matter the circumstance. She vows that she will not step foot inside that one room, and he proceeds to leave. Shortly after, the young wife decides to explore each room until there is only but one room, the one she vowed she would not enter. She goes against her husband’s wishes and decides to enter the room; once inside she is stunned to discover the rotting corpses of his previous wives hanging from hooks on the walls. She leaves the room in haste and discovers blood on the key which she tries to frantically wash off but it would not budge. She contacts her sister who stays with her inside the house while she collects her belongings and as she quickly attempts to flee, Bluebeard arrives home sooner than expected. Both sisters run to the top of the castle and bolt themselves in, while Bluebeard begins to break down the door the sisters call out for their brothers in hope they would soon hear. Just before Bluebeard breaks down the door, The brothers enter the castle and slaughter Bluebeard for his crimes and both sisters manage to escape the castle. Due to the only heir to Bluebeards riches is the wife she makes the decision to split the money between her family and uses her remaining money to find a wealthy husband and lived happily ever after.

My game idea

My game idea will begin as you are a young woman who is sold to an ugly, monstrous madman who, without your consent, had to marry despite previous attempts to flee. You have chosen that you wish to escape the house he has locked you in for many years. You have been missing from your family for a large period of your life and you wish to return home and must complete a set amount of tasks in order to escape your prison and to find the location of your family which only ‘Bluebeard’ knows. My game is a modern take on the bluebeard tale but has an alternate ending, rather than you being saved and killing bluebeard, he keeps you locked in his domain for what seems an eternity.

References to the original Bluebeard tale

The one door you must never enter – In the original tale you are vowed to never enter the one door within the house, in my game you will have to enter the one door despite being requested not to as you are unsure what will occur within the room if you do enter, but this later appears to be your only exit so you find a key and enter the room.

Bluebeard – ‘Bluebeard’ who is known as Ben within my game idea, has a very similar personality but a different background in order to amplify his bad qualities further to create a man would could be described to have ‘no soul’.

Money – Another similarity is the obvious amount of wealth that Ben has which again relates to the original tale as he was clearly wealthy.

Character ideas


My character for Bluebeard will be called Ben ‘Blue’ Miller. He is 37 years old and has a history of mental health issues and has committed a large series of crimes which were mysteriously never dealt with. He is described as a thin, tall individual with a bright blue beard and messy matted hair which masks his face. He has his own underground base hidden from the public eye which he calls his ‘home’ and is full to the brim with expensive stolen furniture and gold. I have used several references to the Bluebeard tale when developing my character ideas as I have kept his iconic blue beard, I intend to design him as a repulsive character to look at with a creepy aesthetic

Anne Smith

Anne Smith is a 21-year-old girl who was kidnapped by a gang of thieves at the age of 17 and sold to Ben ‘Blue’ Miller. She is a short, curvy woman who has grown quiet over her last few years of captivity but despite that her anger has kept her alive long enough to finally escape once and for all.  She will have long, thin, dull hair which I will design to show her struggle but I will use her eyes to show how much life she has as a character. I intend to post concept designs of both characters before settling on a final design in particular regarding Anne as I have a range of ideas for her.

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