Adaption: Possible house designs and locations

I made the decision to look further into my house designs for my adaption concept; admittingly, i know nothing of architecture so I decided to research into this further so that I could make an educated decision on where to house my game. When looking into houses I decided to look at rather large ones as most of my gameplay will happen within the house so a large house would be one of the key factors when looking into which house type to use for my game.

Idea number one

I firstly discovered this beautiful house called a ‘Queen Anne‘ which I thought would be great for my game to take place as it would give my game a larger sense of exploration within the house due to the sheer size alone.  The mansion contains 12 rooms with 23 stained glass windows and made of nine different types of wood within the two main floors.

Kansas City Queen Anne Missouri

This particular house was built in 1887 in Kansas City, Missouri, so I decided to look into the Missouri area in order to see where I could place this house without it appearing too out of character and doing so I found a rather reclusive area not far from this house location within Kansas City! This general area seemed perfect for my game to take place as the area is rather concealed and with the large amount of green surrounding the  endless possibilities of where my house could be located within this street.  If I made the decision to use this location I would want to make the area seem old and abandoned by its occupants to heighten the games atmosphere and to set a tone to the area which suggests this is not a place you would want to be; I would play around with the semiotics in order to capture this appropriately.




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