Audio production: My project brief

Me and my group have made the decision to base our five
minute factual speech on the Mayan calendar and the belief that due to the calendar
finishing, people thought the world was about to end. The brief states that I
must explore this idea with a creative mind set and look at a range of things
such as true stories and obsessions. We need to question why these events took
place, why people believed that the end of the world was coming and why/how it affected
people’s daily lives.

We will need to look into the subject as a
group, but I will have to research into this myself so that I can show my

I will need to create a range of aims and
objectives to help me complete my brief effectively

I will need to develop a proposal and treatment
so that my end result fit its purpose and will be seen to have been affective
and match what I wanted originally.

I will adopt and include a range of practises
such as editing, mixing, actuality, location recording, music, sound effects,
dramatic reconstruction and possibly poetry to add atmosphere and variation to
my idea.


I will need to consider using a range of voices

I will have to consider music carefully so that
it is used to compliment the feature and shows relevance

Things to hand in:

CD – containing finished piece as a .wav file, a
folder with adobe audition session file and all the audio files used

MUSIC REPORTING FORM – must include details of
any pre-recorded music or sound effects

SCRIPT – must include in/out cues for long
interviews or vox pops, not full transcribed interviews

RESEARCH (300 words)  – individual self-motivated research done by myself

GROUP PROPOSAL (500 words) – This is a treatment
which describes the topic, the intended audience and style. The proposal will
also include individual roles

CRITIQUE (300 words) – that assesses the
programme content in terms of content and audience, your individual role, and
team contribution. The critique is a good opportunity to be reflected about
your experience and practice.

post a finished copy of proposal and a copy of finished piece on my blog

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