Topology work 05/03/2014

1web 2web 3web

I decided to research into Topology as my teacher thought this would be best in order to help us understand 3d modelling at a more advanced level. Using the internet as my resource, I discovered several webpages which really helped me to get my head around what topology really is, so enough talk! I will discuss my research.

I learned that Topology allows us to define the 3d characteristics of a set model. Topology could be defined as the study of how to organize particular parts of the model by defining them.  Using contour lines we can add thing such as depth to allow us to define a model better. Modellers aim is for a clean topology which avoids stretching a model as this could allow a model to become distorted. Using edge loops allow us to define the muscle and the bone of the model/mesh. When modelling topology it is important to use quad polys as often as possible as these are easier to triangulate later on. Also by keeping the topology clean, it allows ease when altering/modifying the mesh.

We were given the task to create our own topologies using… a celebrity (from the bust up), A worn leather couch, and a car (family saloon pre 1980)

These are the images I decided to try make into my topologies:

BeethovenSofa car

These are my topologies, although they are rough I think they are a good attempts:

beetovhenSofatopology  cartopology

Doing these have made me really pay attention to how I may in future construct something in 3d, and that I should carefully consider the topology before designing to allow the project to be faster, simpler but also clearer in my mindset as I have already ‘planned’ it before designing it.

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