3dsmax: Hammer

05/02/2014: For my first two 3d realisation lessons, we were asked to select a card which would in turn indicate a particular object we had to create in 3d using 3dsmax. I have had difficulty using this piece of software and was slightly scared on first glance of this task. After selecting my card, I was given the job of creating a hammer. This was perfect for me as it wasn’t too complex and allowed me to practice my current skills in order to advance and progress within the software.

During my first lesson, I was able to produce both my hammer handle and the hammer head on a basic level. This was the result which I was satisified with as for a large portion of the lesson was dedicated to me refreshing my current knowledge of 3dsmax and expanding my current knowledge. I used a range of tools such as extrude, inset, blevel to create the shapes as shown.

19/02/2014: I was able to complete my hammor after a lot of fiddling about, although I am happy with my final result as this has been my first completed asset. I was able to apply a simple colour and shading to my asset rather then texture as I am still having issues with this and hope to improve my skills enough later on in order to maybe reappempt this project with the ability to texture to get a better outcome. I used the material editor to apply shadows and colours to my model. Here is my finished result.



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