‘The devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline’ –Oxford Dictionary

I thought the best way to develop my companies name would be through not only creating examples of my own, but using a generator to broaden my list before selecting an appropriate name. The reason I thought using a generator of some form would be to allow relevant words to play place within my company name but in a random mixed order which would probably not have been done before. After observation, I discovered a lot of the games productions companies end in studio, software, media, games or entertainment. It is important to have a good company name as it creates an identity for the company. I also noticed that a lot of company names either relate to the companies aims and objectives, memories personal to that company such as how they met or a deep meaning such as Nintendo standing for ‘Leave luck to heaven’.

Sega, for example, is simply a portmanteau of the words “service” and “games.” Nintendo, officially, a direct translation from the Japanese to mean “leave luck to heaven.” And Sony, well, that’s a fabricated word, a twist on the Latin word “sonus” and the familiar “sonny. ––and-hopefully-get-it-right/all

List of examples:

  1. Glad River Collective
  2. Tricky Graveyard
  3. Second Time Studio
  4. Outer Horse Games
  5. Organic Island
  6. Cracked Uncle
  7. Walrus River Group
  8. Jumping Dragon
  9. Falling Winter Games
  10. Spring Banana
  11. Early Butcher Interactive
  12. Tricky Mountain Collective
  13. Chill Star
  14. Tiny Gun
  15. Happy Happiness Studio
  16. Joy Month Group
  17. Late Village
  18. Ghostly Island
  19. Long Sword Studio
  20. Wild Boar Games
  21. Black forest Entertainment
  22. Moon Gaming
  23. Blue eyes studios
  24. Orange Mountain
  25. Fire Box Productions
  26. Teeny Chainsaw Island
  27. Crimson Raider Entertainment
  28. Balloon Pirate games
  29. Forbidden Apple Studio
  30. Hot croc gaming
  31. Death Engineer
  32. South Minute
  33. Early King Group
  34. Never Princess Group
  35. Light Dragon
  36. Yellow Destruction
  37. Mad Scientist
  38. Healing Everything Studio
  39. Found Tomb Studio
  40. Speedy Enemy Group
  41. Elephant Highway
  42. Heavy Panda
  43. Inner Planet
  44. Digital Turkey Interactive
  45. Slow Goblin Studio
  46. West Night
  47. Angry Hammer
  48. Peaceful Intervention Productions
  49. Pirate Prince Studio
  50. Albino Lion Interactive
  51. Shiny Flamingo Studio
  52. Tie Dye Productions

Looking at this list, I have altered some of them to make them seem more legitimate and names that I think would be more appealing as production company names. The reason I have altered this is because the names above are raw and have just been thrown together. This is important to my development process as it allows me to develop current ideas and make them more effective. I have selected these names in particular because, as I mentioned before, they have either a sentimental meaning to the company, suggest company aims and objectives or have a meaning behind the words chosen. These are the ideas I have developed;

  1. Tiny Dragon Studios
  2. Chill Star Games
  3. Cracked Walrus Entertainment
  4. Happy Gun Interactive
  5. Gamedom Entertainment
  6. Speedy Elephant Productions
  7. Albino Pirate Studio
  8. Angry Sword Interactive
  9. Digital Horse
  10. Ghostly Sword Entertainment

The three in particular that I like are Gamedom Entertainment, Albino Pirate Studios and Tiny Dragon Studios. Using a similar format to Sega, I formed games and freedom together as that’s what I want my company to be about on a basic level; the freedom to game with no limitations.

My second idea was Tiny Dragon Studios. This was created with meaning for me on a personal level as we are a small company (heh just me) and it ties in with my development blog, and also the fact I would base my Logo around an RPG/Dragon/Fantasy theme. I think that I will progress with both ideas before setting solely on the one name as this allows me to develop both further and see what is more effective.

Albino Pirate Studios I really like as I feel the albino pirate studios would stand out as Albino creatures and people are unique and different visually. I thought by having this within my design would make the company stand out and promote our aims of wanting to think outside of the box of generic gaming.

After a discussion with my tutor, we agreed that using Gamedom Entertainment would be a bad idea as it could be misread to inappropriate wording. So from this discussion, I thought it would be a wise idea to get rid of this idea and move on with developing my current ideas of Albino Pirate and Tiny Dragon Studios. I will update this post at a later date to confirm where I am with the development of my idea.

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