What I find appealing about this ident is the ‘dreamy’ (clouds, floating, the moon) feeling that Is created for the ident which ties in with the company name. Another recognisable part of the Dreamworks ident is that it changes with the different movies for example in most instances the balloons will pop to display the Dreamworks name, while in others the boy sat on the moon will be dragged off (Comical effect, for a comical movie). The iconic part of the Dreamworks ident is the music as without seeing the ident itself, you could recognise it solely by the music alone. The reason for the use of the boy on the moon is to induce nostalgia and to pull all the family into a youth mind set in order to enjoy the movie in the same way. I personally believe the boy was made see through to signify a memory of you as a child. The fishing pole or balloons could signify those key points in your childhood when you were happiest, either it be with a balloon in your hand or fishing with dad. The clouds were added to add depth later on, to signify the growing popularity of Dreamworks. The logo was created to speak to the inner innocent child that effects people on an emotional level.




The thing that stands out to me the most about the Disney Ident is the music which is iconic and just hearing it alone you know it’s a Disney production. Disney uses a range of idents but the thing that always remains the same is the ‘Disney’ font and the company name being within the ident. The ident changes for different things for example play house Disney have a different ident to the Disney films as they are aimed at different people with different interests.

The image on the left shows a more ‘child like’ version of Disney, we can see this through the use of typography looking as if a child had played with magnets and tried to create the word ‘house’ aiming the typography to its audience. The micky mouse symbol itself is iconic and symbolises Disney perfectly, but the way it is shown is as if it had been stamped by circle painted stamps, or made using yarn. Either way, is creatively designed by children for children using childrens ‘arts and crafts’ as a theme.

The Disney castle signifies a fairy tale world in which anything can happen. The colour blue is used to signify emotional depth, Trust, faith and wisdom. This is pretty much what Disney is wanting to put forward of themselves as a brand, but also what you as a consumer will receive from watching a Disney movie. The castle itself is based on Neuschwanstein Castle, in which within the logo captures the excitement and feeling that anything can happen within this castle. It also evokes feelings of romance, excitement and hope for many children and adults alike.


Three G Studio


I like the simplicity of this ident in particular although it is rather affective and unique. I believe the ident itself to have been created within Photoshop as I have seen similar styles developed within Photoshop. I really like how they have encorpriated the three swirls which ties in with the companies’ name (three swirls, three g). This is a really strong static ident, and if I was to see it again I would be able to recognise the company. This is personally one of my favourite static idents.

On a deeper level, the logo itself can signify a lot of things. Firstly, the swirls coming together can signify unity. The number of swirls could represent the fact they release triple A titles. The use of the colour red could indicate strength, power, passion and determination. This could signify that they are a productive determined company who will make powerful games that they are passionate about.




What I like most about the blizzard logo is how on the majority of their ident they link in the colour blue with the theme of an icey ‘Blizzard’ which clearly links in with the company name. Also, the ident between 1995-1997, plus some of the other idents use sounds of which to me sounds like ice colliding together or the sound of a very strong icey wind. This hasn’t really changed through the years but it has always kept itself a very bold and large in its appearance. The colour blue within the logo could signify through semiotics that the company is trustworthy, faithful and reliability.


Boing TV


Boing TV uses humour within their idents as their audience is children. I personally love how Boing alter their ident on the season or occasion as this keeps children entertained and helps them notice the ident more as it gives them something to look forward to next time it appears as you never know what you’re going to get. I think the brief would have been to create a comical skit for the audience to remember the logo. The logo is also incorporated within the cartoons it shows such as adventure time, which is a major show so it will get recognised. The ident uses a ‘boing’ sound which ties in with the company ident due to the company name.

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