My Ident: Part one of development

Revisiting the first section of this, I have decided after careful consideration that I would go with the Albino Pirate Studios. I really like the uniqueness of the name itself; but also I feel like I could really push the design as the name provides imagery and when designing the Ident this would appeal what my production company is about. For my storyboard, I thought I would focus more on the movement within the ident and how the ident would flow, and then when I have more time have a clean-up on the design and focus more on altering the typography to a more personalized design but following a similar style to the selected typography.

‘Albino Pirate Studios I really like as I feel the albino pirate studios would stand out as Albino creatures and people are unique and different visually. I thought by having this within my design would make the company stand out and promote our aims of wanting to think outside of the box of generic gaming.’

Expanding on this, I would also like to add that I want to use colour to really help denote my companies’ purpose and personality as the business itself is unique, individual, diverse, honest and youthful. The colours I would use within my ident are blue, white, yellow and green which will help signify that the company is fresh, growing, optimistic and confident.


I have decided to use an typeface that already exists for many reasons. Firstly; the ident I found fits the picture of what im looking for within my ident perfectly; so rather then alter it and not gain the same effect I thought I would use the typeface giving credit where appropriate. Secondly; I am inexperienced within designing typefaces and during my research I know I won’t create a good enough typeface to be satisfied with my ident so rather then give my ident something I consider poorer then other typefaces I would just prefer to use something which would be more effective. Finally; timescales, I feel if I used a pre made typeface it will save me more time for creating my ident itself as I want to develop my ident at a faster speed without struggling to design and develop a suitable ident. The style of type I have chosen to use within my ident is called ‘Ainslie’. The reason I have chosen this type in particular as I feel aesthetically it provides a youthful, calming visual which is what I want to create within my ident. Using this, alongside particular imagery, I hope to create an ident which really defines the companies’ identity. I wanted to use a bold font which stood out but yet was still relaxing and not too ‘in your face’ so that it can be noticed but still linger within the background; by using this font it would also allow the text to flow in the background as the main focus will be on the pop up pirate until the focal point changes onto the text. I want my type face to send out the right messages to my audience; one of professionalism and trust, with being able to lay back and trust our company. The typeface wants to compliment my ident but not overpower it as it will need to serve the ident appropriately.

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