Computerised RPG Game: The idea

My game is going to be about a young character (Luna) who gets lost and ends up losing her parents in the middle of a busy village, due to this he gets kidnapped by a gang of strangers and ends up in the middle of a forest with the gang. Luna ends up in despair after noticing she has been kidnapped, in which triggers off her unknown magic ability in which she is able to free herself from the rope which once bound her and to find her parents!

Genre of game: The game is based on a ‘sword and sorcery’ theme as I think this was would be an interesting idea for me to develop because of the range of game materials I could use to research and explore this idea.

Aesthetic/look and feel: the game is a 2d spite top down game. The reason for my choice is because I find that I would be able to work with 2d more effectively and produce a better outcome.

Game idea (the introduction)

The story begins by Luna being woken up by the sun shining through her tiny bedroom window and her mother standing by her side. She informs Luna that today is market day and that they needed to travel to the nearest town. She tells you to hurry up and get dressed, and to meet her and her father outside. Luna collects her items from her trunk, then exits the house to meet her mother and father who are both waiting. Luna is traveling with her parents to the local village in order to purchase supplies at the market. Luna becomes distracted by a near toy stall in which a large group of children surround the stall itself, curious, Luna decides to see what is happening at the stall and alerts her parents that she will be over at the stall but what she doesn’t realize is that they do not hear her over the voices of the large crowd. She scurries over to find that the children are watching a magic show, in which the performer sees you observing and asks if you want to partake in a trick in which before you can answer, you get pushed through the gathering of people and join in the trick by the magician. Unknowingly to you, you are being observed by a group of strange men who notice the rattling of the money bag on your waist belt.

After the trick, you then wade through the crowd to try find your parents who you then see have disappeared along with the crowd. You panic, then suddenly you are approached by a group of men and then the screen blacks out. You awake, and discover that you have been unconscious for a few hours (judging on the darkness outside), you have lost all your possessions including your money bag and seem to be suffering from amnesia. You know you are meant to be somewhere but despite not knowing where you panic, it is when you are panicking that you notice that you are tied up to a wooden support within the building. You begin to shout, cry and plead but with no response in which you begin to become angered. Soon after your anger builds up and you notice a sharp pain run through your body in which you cast your first spell (fire) that sets the opposing side of the building a light. You are surprised at your ability, and are able to cast the fire spell on the rope to free yourself and quickly leave the building.

Once leaving the building, you are approached by your kidnappers who are frantically trying to put out the fire you have started although it becomes too wild. During this, the gang leader approaches you and starts fighting you, in which you manage to defeat him which scares off the remainder of the gang. The lead gang member had your items so you manage to retrieve everything and you discover a note which talks about you and where you were kidnapped, you think this will help you find your identity so you leave to find the village you were taken from.

This is a quick description to an opening cut scene from my game. I hope to recreate the moment you discover your fire power within an animation to give an example of what the game looks like.

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