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Tunnels and Trolls is an alternative to D&D, with a similar style and mechanics some could say it was highly influenced from D&D itself. What is unique about this particular alternative it allows for solo play as well as group play, and even play-by-mail. It was published in 1975 and managed to reach some markets before D&D, which was good for Flying Buffalo as they were able to make first impressions for many new RPG gamers before its rival D&D allowing the game to sell more copies than if they had been in the market at the same time. The maker of T&T (Tunnels and Trolls) said he had based his game around the highly famous Lord of the Rings novel, and due to the games success it was released in 1990 for PC. Another difference of this game in comparison to D&D is that T&T introduced a 6 sided dice and points-based magic system which was exclusive to T&T. Despite T&T not being as successful as D&D it is still widely known in the RPG world. Looking through a range of websites based on T&T, I found this interesting quote on T&T from Scott Haring from the 1999 Pyramid magazine.

In 1999 Pyramid magazine named Tunnels & Trolls as one of The Millennium’s Most Underrated Games. Editor Scott Haring said of the game “everybody knows this was the second ever fantasy roleplaying game … But to dismiss it as just an opportunistic ripoff would be grossly unfair. Flying Buffalo’s T&T had its own zany feel — it was much less serious than D&D — and a less-complicated game system.”

T&T is currently being financed through Kickstarter in order to produce a Deluxe edition better then the current 2012 french edition.



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