RPG’s research revisited 28/04/2014

In 1969 the book Chainmail was released by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren which was a medievil minature war game. The creator of this book (Gary Gygax) went on to help create what we know today as Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and dragons is a fantasy role playing game which was designed again by Gary Gygax but also by Dave Arneson.


The first version of DnD to be officially produced was in 1974 by TSR Inc. (Tactical Studies Rules). The company Tactical Studies Rules was created by Gary and Don Kaye as Gary and Jeff could not find anybody who would published their product so decided to go into self-publishing and within one year they manage to sell out.  The game is still being produced and changed to this day with continuing success and a growing fan base, the game has even several digital game versions which include online play and also movies and books based on the fantasy within Dungeons and Dragons. There has been some negativity towards the Dungeons and Dragons game with the ‘Steam Tunnel inncodent’  in which Patricia Pulling’s son sadly passed away due to suicide but she blamed Dungeons and Dragons as the main cause. Due to this, Patricia set up BADD (Bothered about Dungeons and Dragons) which dedicated itself to the regulation of Dungeons and Dragons. In protest, She even created a book called ‘The Devils Web: Whos stalking your children?’ and several smaller books protesting against Dungeons and Dragons.


From personal experience, I have played Dungeons and Dragons and it is by far one of the best games I have played with its ability to be replayed but still have such amazing storylines make it good value for money and I would advise anybody to play it as I have enjoyed partaking on a few D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) sessions with my class (as shown below). I will have a post in regards to one Dungeons & Dragons session in order to comment on its mechanics etc in detail to go towards my research.


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