The Street: Church > Holy Trinity Church (Hull)

I decided to look at the Holy Trinity Church for inspiration for my church project. I thought taking photographs and doing some sketches would prove useful for my overall project as it would allow me to research into how church’s look rather than using secondary photographs and pure imagination. This blog post will be dedicated to purely research about the Holy Trinity Church. By researching this myself, It will allow me to look at finer details and for me to produce a better overall final product. To begin with I thought I would look into the history of the church itself in order to understand why particular elements of the church are designed in a set style etc.

During research of the churches website, I discovered that the windows a range of Victorian and 20th century glass making them rather modern, plus they use the best quality glass making them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Some of the glass work was designed by Walter Crane (Born in Liverpool, b.1845, d. 1915) who was a part of the Arts and Crafts movement (1860-1910) alongside another artist I have mentioned about within my work named William Morris. The reason to why these windows are so modern, and that anything older is hard to find within the church is that it was destroyed during a zeppelin raid during WWI. Despite this, the church has some roundels available to be viewed which date back to 15th and 16th century (Similar to the Hornsea’s St Nicholas Church) which if to view need to be through appointment so I am unsure If I will be able to gain access to this, although I will try to get some photos for research of this rather than use secondary images.

Here are some examples from the churches website of the windows:

htc11 htc21

Trying to locate a date for the church itself, I discover this on the churches home website which was then backed up through Wikipedia.

This magnificent awe-inspiring building is over 700 years old and appears in the Guinness Book of Records as England’s largest parish church (by area).

This would mean the church was made roughly sometime around 1300, and it is said that the churches medieval brick work is some of the best in the country. Something else I found particularly interesting when investigating into the church was the unique carving by local craftsman George Peck and Robert Thompson so I thought I would add a few images from their work too. I will follow up this post with sketches and photographs taken by myself of the church to add to my research.

htcmouse11 htcoutside11 htcimp11




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