The Street – My main influence

The main influence within my street piece will be St Nicholas church in Hornsea. Despite this being a lot bigger then required, I will use this as inspiration in order to make my church more realistic. Hornsea’s church was created in 14/15th century and was said to be completed by roughly 1420. Although I find this church personally a beautiful piece of architecture, there are many interesting features to the church which I think I could maybe highlight when creating my design.

For example, one interesting piece of history is that there is an alabaster tomb for Anthony St Quintin who was the last rector of the church before the church itself was given over to the Abbey of St Mary in York. The interesting thing in particular here to me was that Cormwell’s men carved the soles of their shoes onto the actual tomb itself. The present windows within the church date from 1904 as the previous windows were destroyed by ‘the great storm of 1732’, and also the door with its shouldered arch dates back to 1220. I think this information is useful to know so if im creating my church around the same era it will follow the same particular style.

My church design will date back to 1450’s which is roughly around the time the church in Hornsea was finished so that I can use similar defining features on the architecture. Within my design I have also noted that my church will be in repair, this is something that I want to use other influences in order for my design to look more realistic. Some things I would like to add to my design is that I want to add a chalk board located at the front of the church alongside some signage about an event the church is taking part in (promoting that event). When thinking about things such as burlger alarms, I thought that a church wouldn’t really have these as it is a house of god which is made open to everybody so after some research I discovered alternatives such as hedges and anti-climb paint (which would have a warning displayed next to it of course). For my problems to solve, I wish to create a believable church window which I have created from my own photographs with any alterations made within Photoshop. I also wish to create a monument of some kind outside of the church which is inspired by the local area to give the church a more solid foundation of its roots so personal investigation to other projects of classmates will be required here alongside careful consideration to what is realistic. I would also like to add a small graveyard to my piece as personally this is something I would enjoy creating and would really situate well after consideration.


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