Video Project: My proposed idea 28/04/2014

I have made the decision to use the idea of a dream sequence for my final idea as due to numerous reasons I thought I would produce a better final product if I went down this route. My decision was made after considering the timescales I had left myself to produce this piece after encountering difficulty in regards to who was to feature within the footage.  After consideration I thought my project would run more smoothly if I was the only individual to feature within my film. Despite wanting more than myself in the video, I thought I could use this to my advantage as being the only individual within the footage meant I would have to produce less script and it would also mean that I could do the video with less time consumed from having to agree on shots etc. Another consideration when deciding on the idea of a dream sequence was because I felt I was familiar enough with the idea and I could think of many ways to create an effective horror dream sequence. furthermore, using a dream sequence would let me be able to manipulate the shots in a more dramatic way so that I can build and maintain the feeling of horror within my piece.

I will expand on my idea more clearly using bipeds in 3dsmax to create a timeline to show not only the type of shots being used but to give me a guideline on how I want the shots to look and feel. The rough idea for my piece is for myself to have a lucid dream but unable to wake myself up. I would explore the house, encountering different ‘hellish’ experiences within each room and eventually waking up in a quick panic. Using software such as after effects, I would be able to tweak the footage in order to alter things such as light and add effects such as distortion to create something which someone would probably see in a horror film.  I am currently in the process of developing my timeline within 3dsmax, so once complete I will post a video giving a run down on how I would like my video to be. This should be the last part of the planning stage before going on to other tasks such as risk assessments and then finally begin filming my dream sequence.

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