Video Project: Research and insperations Part One 21/04/2014

For my project I have been asked to create a piece of film which will need to be at least 2 minuets long but I want to have at least 3 minutes as I feel this is going to be the right amount of time needed in order to put together my piece of film. Before creating my footage; I needed to consider not only what am I going to produce; but also look at a range of camera angles which would compliment my footage but also aid towards the effect and feel I am wanting to create. So first to come within my assignment would be to look into some titles and see how the artist has managed to create particular scenes so that I could use these to inspire my own work and make the film better by careful planning on what it is I am to make. Thinking about the themes of the film I will look at, I have narrowed it down to horror and comedy themes so that even though these still be large genres I can still explore but with a slightly narrower search. The reason I have chosen these genres in particular is because I feel personally when creating my films these are the two genres I would be able to use the best within my work as the key elements to make them scary or funny are easy to recreate.
Dream Sequences

For those who are unfamiliar, a Dream Sequence is a type of film in which the character enters a ‘sleep like’ state in which something out of the ordinary happens. This is created for introducing more disturbing features within a film such as distorting faces. Researching into dream sequences I discovered La Prisonnière, 1968, Henri-Georges Clouzot. I liked how he uses quick black outs to add suspense and within each black out he switches the range of the shot. Also the flickering of a multitude of solid colours (green,red,black,white) which again add to the horror and suspense of the clip itself. The video itself is scary as it seems so warped, and alongside the music really creates a rememberable piece of film.


Another type of film/footage I thought would be interesting to look at would be advertisements as music is used effectively in advertising in order to make a product rememberable using a shorter piece of film. Within this first piece, I enjoy the humour elements within the footage as it makes the product instantly become more likeable. Another main factor I enjoy about this advert is that you don’t need to be able to understand the language to appreciate and enjoy the advertisement with the main function of the advertisement still being effective as the product is clearly displayed.

Another way that an advertisement can be effective is to use a build up of suspence followed by a suprise ending; what I enjoy about the footage below is the main body of the film is horror and you become locked into watching it,  wanting to find out what happens but at the same time you are becoming scared to look. What the audience doesn’t know is that the ending is actually comical and ‘fools’ the audience as they didn’t expect this from the footages build up.  I find for an advertisement; the overall product works effectively as it creates humour and is great for making an audience remember your product. In particular what grasped me about this particular advertisement was the establishing shot as I found this instantly took my attension and made the advert look creepy, so applied the subject and feelings of horror right from the beginning by casting a light on a unrecognisable figure located in the night on an old house.

The finaly of the advertisement reminds me of the iconic ceiling scene from Nightmare on Elm Street featuring ‘Tina’ who dies on the ceiling of her bedroom; So I feel the advertisement takes influence from key films such as this one in particular although the advertisement has exercism themes enlaced within it. I want to apply elements from films I know have been effective and rememberable, and try to recreate these but with my own twist so that people can recognise my influences and insperations when my final piece is done.

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