Video Project: Research and insperations Part two 24/04/2014

Continuing on from my first post, I had the idea to possibly make a music video for my final piece although after careful consideration, I found this would be more difficult then originally intended when I first thought of the idea. I looked at several music videos, in particular liking the music video from the film Queen of the Damned

and Rommie’s – Wont Back Down

Despite these two videos being very different although still fitting the music video theme; I thought noting good points within them would be effective as I would be able to use similar styles and ideas within my final piece.

The first video was a lip sync video of Korn’s  – System, I thought recreating a similar idea would be possible although wouldn’t be the best option for me personally due to me being the only individual to feature within my footage. I found some of the shots really interesting and I may use a similar effects if going down the horror route with my project as I thought they were used effectively although rather minimal in regards to the strength of the effects used. One shot that stood out to me during the video was the opening shot of the gravestone and how it was distorted and cloned. I feel if I was to use this, for example, within a dream sequence then I could manipulate a similar idea using faces to create the feeling of being in a dream like state. Despite this, I found the video fits its purpose nicely as it was created to gain popularity of the film by using Korn’s music to endorse the film.

As for the second video, I thought this would be interesting to use as an influence as the shots are a large mixture, choppy and rather fast pasted in order to capture a story with a lot of impact. The video runs through the story of a girl who is entering a fight against an individual who sees himself as superior in comparison to the girl. The music acompanies the video nicely with the line ‘I won’t back down’ repeating itself throughout the video. I also found the video using lip syncing from many individuals a very interesting idea within the video, especially them mouthing ‘I won’t back down’ creating feels of empowerment, and personally has me lip syncing the chorus myself. During one of the shots, the two men walking through the corridor was altered for the footage to look choppy so that the motion wasn’t as straight forward as in the original shot. I thought this was a great way to capture motion in a more interesting way so that it works effectively with the video. I think if I was to use this in a horror themed video, I could manipulate this to create suspense and tension from my shots giving my video a more dramatic feel.

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