Video Project: Brief explination of project idea

I thought considering my task was to create a video; it seemed only right to create somewhat of a video to explain some of my idea. Although it is currently still in development I thought I would show how far I am in regards to the proposed idea explaining some of my Biped shots I had made within 3dsmax. Although as I have explained, I have encountered a timescale issue so some of my project isn’t as planned as originally proposed but despite this I have a guideline for my idea plus some example shots for my introduction. I think when I develop my film using both Adobe After Effects and  Adobe Premier, I will create a time lapse video showing how I edited my footage and then create a video showing my end result. By creating a time lapse, I can show which effects I have used for those who may be interested in how I created my project piece.

For those who are interested, The software I used to film my desktop was OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) which is a free piece of software that is openly available. I think it is something I will use again for projects and possibly for those tricky presentations in which we are timed so that I don’t take too long talking and so that the information I give is distributed accordingly rather then talk more about one thing in particular leaving out other projects (Yes, this has happened in the past). So, this is my first video so apologies for the ‘erms’ and the constant pauses but hopefully this will improve once I get used to the software. Enjoy.

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