3DSMAX: The Street >Church

I thought it would be a good idea to post where I am with my 3dsmax project for the street. I had chosen to produce a church for my project, and after research I thought I would design the basics now despite still being midway through the research stage. I thought I could produce the basics of my idea which I knew I needed despite not finishing my research; the reason I have chosen to do this is due to being able to meet the timescale of my project and still have time to be able to finish my research and test the model within UDK. Here is my model so far:


I thought it would be best to create my model in sections due to the model being large. Another benefit of creating my model this way is that it makes the unwrap would be less complicated so it would save me time and would make sure that my unwrap was correct with minimal issues. All I would have to do is drag the objects together to make the building look realistic with no gaps. I have also began to design my gravestones for my model which will situate at the left hand side of my church. So far, I have encountered no real issues within my project but I recon the more difficult stuff for myself will be the unwrap and texturing parts of the project. By planning and breaking down my model, I believe this will make the unwrap and texturing a lot easier then previously thought making it a manageable issue.

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