History of games: 90’s 20/11/2013

Some highlights of this era: Saga Saturn (1994), N64(1996), Playstation 1(1994), Gameboy colour(1998) SNES aka SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM (1990) Gamegear (1992) GAMES: Pokemon red (1998) Super Mario World (1990) FFVII Final Fantasy 7 (1997) Dreamcast (1998)

The 90’s was roughly around the time when we saw the fifth gen era which consisted of 32bit and 64bit graphics but also saw the introduction to the idea of 3D graphics with titles such as Sonic 3D Blast and Super Mario 64. The element of 3D gave gaming a new alternative feel to what we were used to and allowed us to become more immersed then we previously thought was possible. From a personal experience also, the gameboy was my first game console as a child so this era was rememberable for me, although I do recall several memories with my brother playing the N64, PS1 and the Dreamcast, so from my own personal experience this was one of my most rememberable eras as it was the first time I had played Pokémon and became immersed in something.

Time Girl (1993)

Tomb Raider (1996)

The 80’s was also a time when we saw mascots being used by companies in order to link their product with the company. For example Nintendo using Mario and Sega using Sonic, we relate these characters to their company so that they become rememberable. I personally think that the 90’s gave us more aesthetically pleasing characters due to enhanced technology allowing us to create more defined, diverse characters with better graphics in order to create better visually.


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