History of gaming: 60’s 20/12/2013

Following on from my previous post, this post is a quick run through of the 60’s in order to understand what happened in the early years of game history. This is a follow up of my 50’s post.

1962 – The invention of ‘Spacewar!’ by Steve Russell. This game was a 2 player game which allowed the user to take control of a space ship, and the aim of the game is to destroy your opponent before they destroy you. The odds of being able to play this game were slim as it was only accessible at universities due to the computers being too expensive to purchase. Nearly 9 years after this, Nolan Bushnell took the idea, altered it (named computer space) and went on to create one of the world’s first coin operated game machines which gave you 90 seconds of play for a quarter.

1966 – Ralph Baer comes up with the idea for the worlds first at home game console. He wanted to create a piece of hardware which allowed users to be able to play games on their televisions. He thought games such as action games, board games and sports games would be playable on his device. The first game to be played was a sample game called ‘Corndog’ which was the first game to be displayed on a television.

1967 – The very first prototype of the ‘Brown Box’ was created which allowed users to play games such as Tennis.

1968 – Ralph Baer patents his idea and releases his video game system.



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