History of gaming timeline research: 70’s 13/11/2013

What I found interesting during my research is that there was in fact 31 console names I discovered during the 70’s alone while in our era we only hear about 2-3 released consoles being released and being put on the market.

1972 – Magnavox Odyssey

1975 – Atari sears tele-games pong system

1975 – Magnavox Odyssey 100

1975- Magnavox Odyssey 200

1976- Coleco Telstar

1976 – Fairchild Channel F

1976 – Magnavox Odyssey 300

1976 – Magnavox Odyssey 400

1976 – Magnavox Odyssey 500

1976 – The wonder wizard model 7702

1977 – RCA Studio II

1977 – Magnavox Odyssey 2000

1977 – Atari 2600

1977 – Atari Video Pinball

1977 – Atari Student Cycle

1977 – Coleco Telstar Ranger

1977 – Coleco Telstar Alpha

1977 – Coleco Telstar Colormatic

1977 – Coleco Telstar Combat

1977 – Magnavox Odyssey 3000

1977 – Magnavox Odyssey 4000

1977 to 1979 – Nintendo Color TV game series

1978 – Coleco Telstar Sportsman

1978 – Coleco Telstar Colortron

1978 – Coleco Telstar Marksman

1978 – Coleco Telstar Gemini

1978 – Coleco Telstar Arcade

1978 – Bally Astrocade

1978 – Magnavox Odyssey 2

1978 – Philips Odyssey 2001

1978 – Philips Odyssey 2100

1979 – Mattel’s Intellivision


The Magnavox odyssey was referred to as ‘the brown box’ during its prototyping stage and was created by Ralph Baer in 1968 but was retailed in 1972. The Magnavox odyssey had roughly around 30 games and due to graphic limitations, overlays were placed over the players TV set in order to play particular games such as baseball or cat and mouse. These overlays were provided with the console purchase. The console produced two white blocks which both players would use to play various games using particular cartridges and overlays. This was the first early example of an 8 bit console.

1 2 pepsi space invadors

The Atari was a second gen console which became available in 1977, it was a 8 bit console which the video is handled by the 1.19MHz 6607 CPU with 128 bytes of RAM. IGN claimed the Atari 2600 to be behind both the first video game boom but also the video game crash of 1983. The reason for this is because the console had some amazing titles such as Jungle hunt, space invaders and breakout. The reason it was seen to have been behind the video game crash was due to Atari putting no limitations on who could develop games for its consoles and how many games could be distributed which ended up with the market being packed with poorly made games such as Pac Man for the Atari 2600 for numerous reasons for example its lack of consideration to colour scheme which confused players as the ghosts would flicker and blend into the background.

Due to limitations at the current time, the graphical designs of the games could only be basic in comparison to what is possible now.

If we take a look at the pepsi invaders, this was a modification of the original space invaders game and was commissioned to be made for cocacola in 1983 for their sales convention. I found this interesting as it was such a rip from the original space invaders and goes to show what was being done with the atari 2600.


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