Flash timeline project

I thought I would keep an update of each stage I entered when developing my flash timeline. I wanted to be simplistic in regards to my timeline due to difficulty within flash.

So far within my project I have set up an action script 3.0 document and used multiple layers to develop my first scene. I made each layer last up to 30 seconds as this was an introduction so didn’t want it to last too long. We can see so far I have managed to create a button in which I converted into a symbol so that when I applied code to it, it would allow me to move onto the next scene displaying the next lot of information. Here is some of the code I have used so far for my project.


What I found useful was the ‘code snippets’ which allowed me to simply select what I wanted a section of my code to do, and not only does this tool input the code for me but it leaves a note with what that part of the code does which saves me plently of time.

My first issue is that my scene would play through and stop as instructed but my code for pressing my button to go onto the scene wasn’t working. After research I decided to alter the code for this and was able to get it running correctly again. (as shown below)




After having trouble with my code, due to reaching lots of errors and having a small amount of programming knowledge I thought it would be wise to attempt my code again giving it a clearer format and to group each part of the code with a similar functions etc. After doing this, I was able to complete my code with minimal issues (I had encountered issues with my timeline having too many layers, and accidently overlapping a text box over my button which prevented the button from working but this was something that was corrected swiftly).

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