History of gaming timeline: specialism

The three ‘lenses’ I was given were Aesthetics, Trends and Game Art. I thought within this blog post I would talk about these in greater detail so I can implement them within my Timeline giving a more distinctive project.

One of the trends I have noticed within gaming is the use of 3d technology. In 1973 there was a title named Maze War and could be considered one of the first ever FPS games. The game play was simple, the individual would simply walk around a maze and if seen by another player who is displayed as an eyeball, the option to shoot them would be available so you would gain points from shooting your opponent. Aesthetically this was good as during 1973 the only real graphics that were available were overlays for monitors or single moving dots.

MAze war

Following up to this another 3d title was released called Spasim which was an MMOFPS (Massively multiplayer online first person shooter) which was released in 1974 by Jim Bowery. This game was a 32 player space simulation game which was played on the PLATO computer system.. It has also been called the first MMOFPS 3D game.

In 1983 the game I,Robot was created by Dave Theurer for the Atari 2600. It is known for being the first ever commercial game to be used 3d polygon graphics and also featured flat shading. Flat shading is a technique that allows each polygon to  be shaded a particular shade when taking into account the direction of the light source. Some other systems that allowed flat shading were the Namco System 21 and the Sega Model 1. On a side note, it was also known to be the first to offer camera control options.

Skipping on a bit, the next title I want to discuss is DOOM. This game was released in 1993 and was seen at the time as life changing as it had the most amazing 3d graphics at the time.  It is also regarded as one of the most influential titles within the games industry for being so popular as a FPS in its genre. The graphics for this game at the time were regarded as realistic after adding height differences, non-perpendicular walls and had full texture mapping, with various degrees of light to give diversity to each part of the game.

Looking today at the capabilities of 3d, it is safe to say we have come rather far. We use 3d all the time for example Nintendo’s 3DS which is a hand held console that can be taken around by the user and accessible at any time. It uses autostereoscopic 3d to produce a 3d like effect on the screen which allows the user to play in 3d without the use of glasses.  We have the Playstation Vita, Playstaion 4, Xbox One and the Wii U. It is has become the normality for consoles to use or atleast offer 3d capabilities and due to technology forever advancing we have only seen the improvement of titles such as Prince of Persia dating from 1989 to its current title which was released in 2013.


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