Client project: the beginning

With the new academic year comes new projects to get us out of our comfort zones and to get us to practice, test and apply what we have learned. Our tutors delivered the class along with giving us our project brief. Before going into detail with the brief, we were shown previous projects in order to give us an understanding of what we have to strive towards in regards to our project being successful. Alongside this, we had members of previous year groups talking to us about their project and how they managed workflow and working as a team.

The project which we have been tasked with is to build the surrounding area of whitefriargate in the 1960’s and had to including streets such as land of green ginger, silver street and parliment street. With a task like this it would be critical and obvious to tackle research first as a team in order to get an understanding of the area within this particular time period then slowly each of us go into our particular assigned fields to begin to develop the research into something visual. Our precise year for this task is 1966 so its important that this is taken into account as we can use things that happened within that year to our advantage rather then just generalizing the entire project.

Sadly, I was unable to attend the lesson in which people began to photograph the surrounding area but the class took some really good photographs in which I was able to gain an understand of the area as I never really paid as much attention when visiting whitefrairgate, nor had I explored the surrounding area in detail so these photographs really helped to give me an inkling to the area. Also with our group agreeing on using photorealism, the photographs will be needed for the texturing but it is likely more photos will probably be needed.

Me and another classmate decided that the best way to get our research would be if we visited the Hull History Centre. We did this and explored through what the centre had to offer and we did find lots of interesting articles although when we tried to print them the quality was too poor and we decided that it would be best to let someone else try another occasion, in which two more students went and came back with some images so the time didn’t go to waste. I think the visit to the history centre was worth it because reading through the newspapers gave me a feel for the 60’s and allowed me to better understand the era locally. My other methods of research have been through reading several books on the 60’s in which I was able to collect some information which I believe could prove useful for the task at hand, although some of it may be indirect as the books themselves didn’t all point to that area but it was hull during that time period so gave me an idea for the environment and life in that era.

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