Whitefriargate research: Email research proved useful

I thought I would keep you guys posted with what I’ve been doing recently within the research task for our client project. I thought I would start doing some more online based research, and thankfully I managed to find some interesting results. I was browsing a local forum and discovered that there was a shop on Whitefrairgate called Kardomah, which then made me think of the venue Kardomah94 not far from where the original Kardomah was located. Turns out Kardomah Café’s were a chain of coffee shops which were located throughout England, Wales and Paris so I thought it would be in the best interest of the project that I emailed Kardomah94 to see if there was any relation between the two, the response I got was rather interesting. This was the email I received.

Thanks for being in touch.  There is no link but I do have a couple of photos of the old Kardomah in Whitefriargate from the 60’s.  There’s also a photo book in the History Centre with a photo of the frontage of the Whitefriargate Kardomah as it was exposed a few years ago. .  A book ‘Memories of Hull’ has a page about ¼ way in showing the Kardomah frontage with crowds in front, assumed to be waiting for a procession. Good luck with it.  There is a website dedicated to the Kardomah brand with further info.  Radio Humberside did a radio article not too long ago, contact June above.’

This was great news as the individual who wrote to me managed to give me plenty of leads for our project and also showed us that we had missed some information from one of the books we had in the studio. I have written back to Malcom and waiting on receiving information to see if we can get hold of the photographs he mentioned but regardless he managed to get me contact with June who works for the BBC. I followed Malcom’s advice and contacted Joan in regards to our project in which she was very helpful and gave me the name of another shop called ‘The Lions Café’ and has set up a visit for me to meet her in person and discuss things further. Once I have spoken with Joan I will post more about my research and have plenty more to tell, and possibly might get us some exposure about our project in regards to the BBC. Also want to thank both Malcom and Joan for providing us with information to help us with our project.

I also wanted to note I found some images on the net which could have been useful although they had no date on them although they looked 1950-1960’s but I didn’t want to take the risk so decided to contact them personally. After speaking to a member of the Library staff the only advise they gave me was to write to them and to see if someone in a higher department could step in and help me for my research although im unsure of how successful this lead could be.

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