The three R’s: Research, Radio and Results!

For those keeping up with my blog, I have been mainly researching for our project as this is a role is one I am familiar with although I have been asked to develop assets also. I wanted to share my research progress as I found some interesting information out there which has also given me another lead to something to look into so hopefully will have more images and info to help us get an accurate understanding of Whitefriargate so that when developing our product our intensive research will pay its dues. I was browsing the web for possible connections for me to contact to personally ask for information rather than just rely on what we found on the web when I stumbled onto a local forum which I thought would be the perfect place to voice the project in hope that someone would know something; and as it turned out, somebody did.

‘There was an exhibition in the old Birthdays shop down Whitefriargate with old Photos of Hull including a lot of Whitefriargate dating back to the 60s but not sure where those photos have gone to now. I believe the Hull daily mail have an extensive amount of old photos in their archives so maybe get in touch with them. Also the History Centre should be able to help.

This may be useful…ctures.html#10

Some of the photos are dated 1972 which is when the street was first made pedestrians only during the day.’

This information has given me a good lead as now I will be able to contact both the Birthday shop and Hull daily mail to see if they have any images, in particular the ones noted in the description above or know anything that could help us with our project.

On another note, in my previous post I noted about having email contact with Joan from the BBC and that I had arranged to meet up with her to talk more about the project, I just wanted to say this went incredibly well for many reasons. Firstly, she had really clear images of the shop I was inquiring into which will help considerably when it comes to building the model. Secondly, she had a list of contacts for me to contact which she believed would help us so more leads which can only be a good thing as it means we can keep digging for images and information. Thirdly, we were offered a spot on the radio to talk about our project and to get people to give us information which would be amazing for us as people could send in their own personal images and thoughts about Whitefriargate and our project. It is a good opportunity for us as a team to bring our project to the public eye, so hopefully by the time we come to show our project some individuals may be familiar with it from listening to the radio.

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