Board games: #01 Jenga


The first game we played for our task was Jenga, this is a game which requires both physical and mental skill in order to complete as each player must remove a block and place it at the top of the tower without the tower falling. The higher the tower gets, the more unstable it comes causing you to have to make good move choices and take risk. The game is both agon and alea meaning that is the game is based on competition and chance. In regards to state of flow we seemed to enjoy this game as it required low skill but was challenging so everyone was able to get on board with the game quickly and soon watching our friends become defeated by the fall of the blocks gave us immense satisfaction and allowed us to gloat in which our friend would quickly challenge us to a rematch. This is great as it allows the game to be played over and over without becoming boring which gives the game good value as using the game again is high. To improve this game, I would personally make some of the blocks worth more points than others so that people are willing to risk more for blocks with higher points increasing the rate of competition.

I have seen variations of Jenga for parties such as drinking Jenga which allows people to associate with the game if they have never played it before but it also gives Jenga a new use as it is never seen as a game which could be used as a party highlight. I personally found the game interesting and easy to play which for me personally is a winner as it means that the game is simple to understand and everyone can become involved in it. I also like the fact that both children and adults can have just as much fun with this game which gives the game a large target audience.

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