Self-reflection of issues in 3D skillset

When confronting myself in regards to my current knowledge within 3dsmax naturally I noticed limitations within my modelling skills as this is something that I have always been slow with but tackling head on especially within my ‘Whitefriargate’ client project. This post is dedicated to self-assessment and how I intend to confront some issues that I have noticed since the beginning of my second year. I thought by addressing these issues I could show my development of my 3d skill and what I am managing to overcome with time and practice so that my current skills would have less implications on the group, myself and the final outcome of the project.

I would like to begin with my first issue, I know that in comparison to other individuals in my class and comparing myself in the past that my modelling is very slow and can be basic. I would like to argue that it is improving and that I am producing larger models at a faster rate although I am still not where I would like to be but in time I know this will naturally grow on its own when I become more confident with the software. Comparing my older models to things that I am producing now, I can see an improvement although I know I still have a lot of things to catch up on.

My second issue is that in the past, I have noticed that I tend to get lost when countering an issue and due to my way of learning I find it difficult to understand when people are explaining how to resolve it as I find they tend to be unclear or just confuse me further. My way around this has been to begin reading books and hope that I will be able to rely on them and diagrams to help me where videos and people have not.

My third issue has been understanding individuals in my class in regards to terminology as when they are explaining how to resolve issues that I have they may use terminology that I do not understand. This is still something I am in the process of trying to get to grips with yet the only way this issue can be fixed is by sticking my head in books and using online resources to help me gain a clearer understanding and to broaden my professional vocabulary.

So to sum up, I would like to add that I intend to use books to help enhance my knowledge and make me grow in regards to my 3d work. I would also like to add now that I have reflected on what kind of learner I am I can use this to my advantage and find ways of looking at information which will be clearer and that could hopefully be used to benefit others as well as myself. I have intentions to reflect on myself after the Christmas holidays so that I can compare work from now with work produced then and to give further suggestions to how and where I can improve.

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