Client Project: Sweet stall

I was tasked to design a sweet stall to go within our client project for whitefriargate, I thought this would be interesting because in my first year I was tasked to design a sweet vendor yet struggled at creating very much in 3dsmax so I was limited to using sketchup to showing my vendor design. I first decided to take a look at some vintage sweet stalls that can be propped up and put anywhere within whitefriargate, something very portable and classic.  I took to Google to find some imagery to help me when designing my stall within 3dsmax, here are some examples of how I would like my vendor to look;

Sweet vendor 1 Sweet vendor 2 sweet vendor 3 sweet vendor 4

Looking at these I wanted my stall to have a wheel, wanted the stall to be thick but not too chunky and also to have several variations of jars. I also decided that for this I wanted to do something a bit more high poly then my other projects to have some variation and to add a bit more quality to my asset.  The first thing I did was start from a box and carefully swift loop around the object to work out where I was going to extrude and drag in order to create the ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ of my sweet vendor.


After this, I created a seperate box and managed to alter the verts to create stands for what the roof of my stall would stand up on. Then I created the wheel of my sweet stall by creating a cylinder with cap segments within it, I then deleted some polys to create gaps within the wheel and bridged up the edges so that these were capped.


When it came to most the jars, I literally started from a cylinder and created cap segments again in which all I simply did is extrude sections of the model to create jars and lids. One of the jars varies this as I also used the inset tool to add some extra polys so I could extrude the object slightly inwards and once I tweaked the vertices a little I was able to create an open jar that the player would simply put their hand in and grab some of the candy.


The next thing I decided to do was to create some candy canes so for this I created a large cylinder and created several height segments within it, I then stretched this out so It was rather long and added a bend modifier to create a candy cane shape, I made sure too add more height segments so the bend was smoother than my previous attempts at making candy canes in my first year.


Finally, for the roof of my vendor I created a box and deleted all the polys under the box as these were not needed. I then used swift loop to create multiple sections within the box and then selected every other vert around the edge of the object, I then moved these slightly up the z axis to create my roof of the vendor.  When I thought all my modelling was finished I decided to ask someone within my group if any alterations could be made to better the vendor, they said it needed to be stretched out a bit more so the vendor was wider, I did this simply by using the scale tool. The only thing left to do on my vendor is to texture it properly and to make sure that the scale is realistic within engine, I will post an update on how this turns out and the finished result.



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