1960’s Britian

So I thought I hadn’t really posted any information about my research into the 1960’s on a broader scale, as I had only posted what was related to Hull but I feel it is important to understand the 60’s on a boarder level so that we can apply some of this knowledge if possible and I hope that it can help someone else who may be researching into the 1960’s. To sum it up, the British population was at about 53 million at the time.

This decade was known as the swinging sixties and was seen as the decade that birthed British pop music and fashion. One example was The Beatles who had been influenced by American pop bands like Holly and the Crickets alongside other British groups like The Shadows. This decade also saw Psychedelic music which was influenced by drug culture at the time, some examples of this were The Move and Pink Floyd.

Fashion also had its place in the 1960’s Britain with many woman sporting diverse fashion trends which showed how society was changing. Some examples of these were Culottes, PVC Clothing and Go-Go Boots. It was also the decade of the invention of the famous mini skirt which is still in fashion today. In regards to colours and patterns, the 1960’s saw people wearing very colourful and bold shades, some even wearing psychedelic attire. In regards to males, The Beatles had a strong influence on youth fashion and many young men visually reflected their idols.

The cost of house hold items, well, was very different to what we have today. The price of a loaf of bread was the equivalent of 5p and a pack of 20 cigarettes would have cost you about 25p in today’s money. Britain itself wasn’t in any kind of recession but the economy was just about to enter a period of decline. The weekly wage was about £32 which if we compare today roughly minimum wage is about £450. A trip to the cinema for two would have only cost you about 90p but in today’s society you’d be lucky to get a trip to cinema for 2 for less than £10. The best thing about this decade must have been the creation of supermarkets in which people could purchase everything in a single shop rather than 3-4.

For the first time it would seem most households had electricity leading to lots of convince items for the home such as refrigerators and cookers. Some other examples of items found within the home were black and white televisions, rotary telephones and record player stereos. In 1962 we saw the creation of the audio cassette by Philips then later on in 1965 Sony marketed the very first home video tape recorder called CV-2000. The television was a very important part of the 1960’s as this item allowed many family’s come together to watch Coronation Street, Dr Who and BBC 2.

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