Self assessment – Personal Project

For my self assessment I will review how I feel I responded to my personal project and looking at my current product. Well, for me personally a good few things came out of me when developing this project. Firstly, being able to follow my design pipeline while having to wear multiple hats meaning that I had to be the one to write my game, show how it is to be played, design the characters, create the art and develop the product within engine. The reason I found this really effective for me is that previously I would have skipped steps due to time constraints or other factors but this time I was able to at least do a bit of everything. Furthermore, I was able to enhance my other software skills in programs such as Sketchup, Unreal Engine 4 and Photoshop but also have a chance to develop and improve on my drawing and writing skills. I found it refreshing having the chance to explore how I work and I can say that I can see my game slowly coming together from early stages with my writing and design work to somewhat later stages with me approaching engine.

On the other hand, this also has its negatives. Having approached engine as soon as I did and straying from the plan I had written myself had caused my drawing and research to be underdeveloped due to not having placed that much time into it. This has caused complications because having designs underdeveloped is leaving parts of my game to simply guesswork and just making hasty decisions which means that im not giving myself a fair chance at this project nor am I catering properly to my target market as the game has to be fit for purpose. I feel I now need to backtrack and go back to my design stages so I can complete those before touching engine again. Although this doesn’t mean that my time in engine wasn’t useful as I learned a little bit about the blueprints I will be using within my game. The final thing I found which wasn’t an issue but it was something that I should have done was communicating with professionals about my concept work to see if they could comment where improvements could be made or even point out things I had not considered. I feel this could have helped my project in the early development stages, although this wasn’t completely missed due to discussions I had with people with experience who had made comments on where I could make tweaks.

In the next semester I intend to reflect on the negatives that I have encountered and address the issues. For example, I will reflect on my monthly targets and deadlines and tweak my current work so that I meet those I had previously missed. This way, I know that I will reach my deadline by the end of the year with a finished level or two. I also have intension of regularly posting my work on social networking websites so that people can freely comment on my work, but also post work on industry forums so people with experience can advise me where possible. I also hope in my second semester to improve yet again on my drawing skills as I don’t feel those are where I want them to be, but also show the process of my drawing so that I can reflect on a deeper level where I can improve. I have intension of also watching some tutorials and reading a book or two to help improve this rather than just practicing my drawing technique on paper. Finally, I want to spend more time designing assets as currently the ones in the engine seem a little low poly and somewhat rushed, so in my second semester I hope to swap these out for more diverse assets so that I can achieve a much better final product.

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