New endeavors: Involvement within a large project

I thought that looking into finding some external work would help me toward up skilling but also giving me a bit of a confidence boost by socializing with different individuals working towards the same goal. After looking into what projects were available out there, I was able to find a group who were looking for someone to help in regards to 3d modelling who is able to help them model their project and help it come to life a little bit.

Without jumping too much into the project, it is basically a fantasy RPG game with a twist. Talking with one of the individuals on the project, I was tasked to have a play around with modelling a character one of the guys had drawn. This was my first proper attempt at modelling a character but here is the result so far.

Character photo 1

Some new things I have learned is that;

  1. Making sure that the textured plane is fixed so that it won’t be altered by accident, you can do this by right clicking the plane and selecting ‘Freeze section’
  2. To make the texture visible on the plane once its frozen you have to right click, go into object properties and untick ‘show frozen in grey’
  3. To get the model into ‘X ray mode’ you must press alt + x, to make this more transparent you must go to object properties and select ‘Backface cull’

Other then that, the model so far has been simply extruding parts and swift loop. I did use the symmetry modifier then bridged the gap between the model to attach it all together by selecting the edges and pressing bridge. I’m unsure how this model will turn out, as after all this is my first try but so far it is looking promising. For those who are new to character modelling like myself, I really would use the tutorial I have been following;

I found it really helpful and I managed to learn a new thing or two so I really recommend checking it out. Now to continue with the project and i’ll keep updating once I’m at a turning point with my character to show my progress at different points. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions on where I can improve or what I could look at to help, as I said character modelling is new to me so advice is welcomed!


Gamification: Using the skinner theory

Thinking about how I can apply theory to my game application, I began looking into skinners theories and looked once again at operant conditioning. For those who are unfamiliar, Skinner came up with the theory that we can alter ones … Continue reading

Gamification: Create an App: More research

For this blog post, I have decided to investigate my target market so that I have enough research in order to begin to understand who I am developing an app for so that it is more effective. I also want to begin to make a decision on what game mechanics I have intensions to apply so that it can be implemented as soon as possible rather then having to backtrack when making my designs.

as mentioned in my previous post, I began to look at who I had intended to aim my app at for it to be most effective.

Who is this app aimed at?:

The app is aimed to individuals who are;

  • Young and unemployed (Aging between 18-30)
  • People within the Hull area
  • Bartle’s achievers/socializers but more dominant on the achievers’

I firstly wanted to investigate how employment was within Hull currently, and the more I read, the more I began to understand that a lot more people were becoming unemployed. Here are some of the articles I found during my research;

Unemployment is sinking, so with this in mind I feel as if my app would meet a reoccurring issue so hopefully it will make a difference for people and help keep people feeling motivated. I thought that because a lot of these people will have spare time, they will most likely be using applications such as Facebook and twitter as it common these days for most people to be using social media. By allowing my app to share to Facebook it gives those individuals who are defined as socialisers to show their progress on Facebook which would also benefit the app as it will gain awareness. For the achievers, having points and rewards are important mechanics to implement. With many individuals owning smartphones, this app would be accessible to many, especially those who are considered more at risk of not getting a job such as young adults who have left college or university in hope of finding work yet struggling to get into the field.

I began thinking of how I could keep the user engaged, and I felt as if the best way for me to do this is to use positive and negative reinforcement so I began to look closer at this and began to think of ways that I could implement this within my app.

Positive reinforcement:

  • Points
  • Levels
  • Experience bars
  • Certificates
  • Unlockable content (Stuff for customising the character)

Negative reinforcement:

  • You can lose exp each day you don’t use the app (You can’t lose levels)
  • Your characters expression will alter depending on the usage of the app (e.g. if app not used for over 20+ days your character will be sad. If you visit your app every day for a week, the character will show a happy face. This could be used to show an employer that you are committed to finding work?
  • If you don’t complete the daily objectives you will not gain bonus experience

When designing my app I will try to implement these features within my design but this is an on going process so not all of these will be used but each will be trailed to see what works and what doesn’t.



Gamification: Create an App: My Idea

The idea in particular I have chosen to gamify has been ‘Job searching’. Researching into this I discovered an interesting video by Gabe Zichermann in which he talks about different things he would include within a job search app.  Within this, I discovered I should maybe include;

  • Progress bars
  • ‘Grind’ do over and over everyday
  • Assign points to each activity
  • Set objectives
  • Could add social interaction


‘System is the one asking them what they did’ this is to avoid cheating as it’s a personal game for self-improvement. Although, in order for the app to be effective the user must be honest in order to really get the ‘reward’ from the system, which is to find a job. Considering flow for my app, I need to match an individual’s skill level to what they want to get out of the game as each individual will be working at different levels e.g. someone who is looking for their first time job opposed to someone with work experience who has been job searching for 6 months. The reason for this is too make sure the app continues being engaging rather then for the user to use the app for 2 months and get bored. I could keep player engagement by creating daily activities or sending out motivational text alerts to anyone who has the app installed and congratulating them on their achievements.

job websites 2

I need to research into how people go about looking for a job so that other tasks can apply within my app rather then the user having to solely use the app. This means I will need to look into how someone typically goes about applying for jobs, and I should look at a range of individuals so that I can cater to most peoples needs. I have researched into a few job websites but the apps pretty much are the websites but in a more concise way, which is expected from an application. Hopefully with the use of the share option of my possible app idea, the app will have the ability to become popular and hopefully will help more people.

So, now for a more simplified version of my app breakdown.

What is the point of the app?:

The point of my application is to use game mechanics commonly associated with RPGs and apply these to individuals who want to search for a job and for those who may find the task a bore.

Who is this app aimed at?:

The app is aimed to individuals who are;

  • Young and unemployed (Aging between 18-30)
  • People within the Hull area
  • Bartle’s achievers/socializers but more dominant on the achievers

Although my app is aimed at this market, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be useful in other markets for example someone who is looking for a second job may use the app to help them when trying to find another job and would still have its usefulness. When presenting my idea earlier today, It was mentioned about me maybe considering the app for people who are still in work after they have got the job. I think I would add a small feature for this, maybe title it ‘Months of service’ and then give out small rewards for example every year they keep the job such as discounts to particular stores or sending out a congratulations email when they achieve the job.


  • From what I know, it’s the only job search app which has gamification applied with RPG elements.
  • The only one I could find being directed at hull.
  • The only one which has customizable characters.

Has this been done before?:

The only things I could find about gamification within work/job area was gamification being applied once you have a job, rather than helping you find a job.

Would it be free? Why?:

This will be a free app as those who are looking for a job will most likely be living on a limited source of income.


Phone app moodboard 1

Too sum up this moodboard, I wanted to make the individuals feel motivated so by using a particular colour scheme which creates that kind of mood it would only benefit the app. By looking at rewards and ways to show them, it will help the individual gain a sense of achievement and having a way of showing their success to others, using media such as facebook or twitter, could help them feel more motivated and help others feel inspired to keep trying for work.

I have been using Paletton to help me develop my apps colour scheme but have also been looking at colour psychology  to help me work out which colours would be more effective and to make people respond a particular way to my application. On this note, I have decided to work with the colours green/blue.

‘Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever and is, therefore, restful. Being in the centre of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance – a more important concept than many people realise. When the world about us contains plenty of green, this indicates the presence of water, and little danger of famine, so we are reassured by green, on a primitive level. Negatively, it can indicate stagnation and, incorrectly used, will be perceived as being too bland.’

  • GREEN, NATURAL, FRESH – New start?
  • Positive: Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace. Negative: Boredom, stagnation, blandness, enervation

Gamification: Create an App: Research

For our Games Design and Theory module, we were asked to ‘devise your own mini-project model of Gamification that will illustrate how games can be used in a non game setting to enhance human interaction with the world through which we move, this could be as simple as improving engagement with city way-finding, customer loyalty/improving return business, health or sustainability/environmental concerns.’

I thought the first thing to do was to mind map some possible ideas, rather than do this by writing down my ideas or physically drawing them out, I thought I would look into a new piece of software to give my mind map a more professional look. By using a particular piece of kit to design it rather than using current suites or software I have, I thought it would not only give me nicer template designs but it would optimise my results as the program would have been developed for one reason in mind.

So the first couple of broad ideas I could possibly use for this could be;

  • City way-finding
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Health
  • Environmental concerns
  • Education
  • Schedule keeping
  • Motivation
  • Financial spending
  • Job searching

Looking into different gamified ideas, the ones that I found interesting were as followed;

Habit RPG

Habit RPG is an online application which allows you to gamifiy habits which allows you to gamify everything you do in life. It is effective because it not only offers rewards but puts consequences in place so that you feel like you need to keep checking the page and updating with the correct information, but also that you are trying your hardest to achieve. You are rewarded with experience points, which are given to you whenever you complete a task and as a result it allows you to level up over time. You are able to customise your character which really does help when applying yourself to the application as it made it more personalised for myself. Being able to use this on both my mobile device and my computer meant that I had no excuse from using the app and allowed me to use it while out and about, and once a task had been complete I was able to check it off.


This app allows you to do many things such as see your progress and share with the world. This app is aimed at achievers and socializers by the use of particular mechanics such as achievements and utilising social media to share scores or achievements. You can see how many days you have been smoke free, you can track how many cigarettes you have avoided and can see the amount of money and time you have saved. This can be very motivational and I think the app would be very effective for those who are wanting to quit. I am currently quitting smoking myself and feel like I follow a very similar process which works for me, which is also shown on the app for example I calculate how many cigarettes I have missed and I sum up the amount of money I have saved as a result., so maybe this app would help gamify the process for someone like myself to follow through.

Pain Squad

Pain squad is an app aimed at young patients who are suffering from cancer and are going through treatment. The app gives the children the opportunity to voice their experience through the app by giving them a way of monitoring the pain, its simple and easy to navigate through and seems to do its job well. It gives the individuals videos to help keep them motivated in beating the pain, allowing them to upgrade to a higher rank keeping people motivated in posting on the app. The app is being used in many hospitals across Canada and has seen to be engaging and a effective solution to what may have been an issue for many. It gives the doctor to see the issue from the child’s point of view allowing them to respond more effectively.

32 Silver St, Hull. (KFM Building) 09/02/2015

The next building in the works is located down hulls Silver Street and is what currently, I believe, is the KFM building, right next to the Garbos Bar and Grill. I have yet to take any photographs of my own for this building but I will be taking these tomorrow so they will be uploaded within my next post.
I have tried to gather my own research using the internet to see what was previously within this venue but sadly I have been unable to find any information in regards to this so tomorrow I hope to visit the History museum to help clear this up. For now, I thought I would begin designing the basics of the building because these have been around since before the 1960’s so these would feature very similar in the buildings design.

This is where I stand currently with the modelling for my building. After visiting the history centre, I hope I will have a better idea of what the shop face will look like, if not then I will have to improvise by using what it looks like currently as a guide. The building at the moment is around 1,200 polys, I hope that I can keep the figure low so it works better within engine. The design is rather simple, similar to the kardomah building I did for whitefriargate so the techniques are all the same, only thing I did different is save a lot of time by just copying the windows and scaling them accordingly. The model is snapped to grid with the pivot set correctly and is the correct height and width to my current knowledge. I hope to have the building finished in regards to the modelling by the end of the week, then I can spend reading week having it textured.

Silverrender3 Silverrender4 Silverstrender1 Silverstrender2