Industry standard – What is expected and how can I improve?

Looking into what is expected for someone within industry, we were given numerous examples by Paul and Gareth and informed that this kind of information can be found online. With this, I began to read through the information required for an Environment artist at Rockstar Leeds then thought I would compare this with where I feel I am currently so I can see what I can improve on to meet these requirements.


Candidates at Rockstar need more than the ability to model and texture; they want someone who can create a believable, immersive and well thought out environments. This is something that I have been working at creating and improving over my current study as our focus has mainly always been photo realistic environments such as our Whitefriargate client project and looking at creating believable environment designs in sketch up, and even simple things such as still life sketches.

‘We prize an ability to demonstrate individual design skills; including concept and creation of assets that are both original and yet still keep a look and feel of their specific real-world reference.’

This means that I should be developing my own particular style when designing my assets but still keeping that real life aesthetic. Admittingly, I don’t feel as if I have begun approaching this just yet in regards to having a unique style of work as I’m still focusing on improving my current concept and creation skills. I feel I could also improve my presentation of those by exporting better renders and different variations of the same asset. I could also create a unique border for my portfolio so it helps my work look professional but could also be used to help divide my portfolio between projects.

‘Participate in research and development of new techniques’

I feel this is an ongoing process but I could do with boosting this by looking at more creatives, even possibly outside of my field, in the hope of developing my design process further so that it can fit nicely with other peoples design processes so the pipeline is more effective.

‘Proactively seek feedback’

Now, this is something that I fail at because the only time I currently allow myself feedback is once a model is complete. I feel that I should be getting feedback threw the duration of an assets development. I also currently have limited myself as I haven’t approached any creatives in the field, only individuals who are within my class or my class tutors. I need to expand this by posting things on relevant webpages so that I can have good quality feedback and hopefully adapt my assets so they are more effective visually but also in regards to performance within engine.


  • 2+ Years of post-secondary educational experience in 2D and 3D art production

Well this would be covered with my degree, so no need to expand on this unless I could get additional work experience.

  • Process a good knowledge of cutting edge shader techniques

Something I need to work on as currently my knowledge on this is limited.

  • Superior 3D art skills

Im assuming this means to be able to create something very unique and really showing your design ability, so maybe I should be considering creating something very diverse as a small project so I can show this within my portfolio.

  • Eagerness to learn new software tools and technologies

I do consider myself eager to learn new software and technologies but I need to find a way to prove this, maybe consider learning another piece of software which is desirable within the industry?

  • Ability to work in a team setting, under deadlines and time constraints

I think I work fine with a team although communication can sometimes be difficult, maybe in the future I should focus on using Basecamp over Facebook to talk to people within my team. In regards to deadlines and time constraints, and having that additional pressure, I think there is still room for improvement but it’s getting a lot better than what it was. Maybe by re-evaluating my proposed schedule might help this improve further.

  • Expertise in 3ds Max, Photoshop, or other technologies utilized in the production of game art

This could always use some more improvement, maybe create more small project to help enhance current skills and writing more evaluations so I can see where I could do with improvement.

  • Ability to work with a high degree of self-direction and motivation

I consider myself an individual who is able to be self-motivated and who is usually on the right path when attempting projects. It has been uncommon for me to have to back track when working on a project, especially now that I have become more organised since the beginning of the year. Maybe to improve this and to show my ability I could use small project proposals, could even see about getting some client work so that my client is able to comment on where I could improve.In order to reach what is required, this year I must:

  1. Get some additional client work or work experience within the industry
  2. Focus on putting together a small professional portfolio and working on presentation ability
  3. Improve within 3dsmax and Photoshop
  4. Looking at more creatives and getting inspired
  5. Research and improve glossary and techniques
  6. Actively communicate on Basecamp and specialist forums

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