32 Silver St, Hull. (KFM Building) 09/02/2015

The next building in the works is located down hulls Silver Street and is what currently, I believe, is the KFM building, right next to the Garbos Bar and Grill. I have yet to take any photographs of my own for this building but I will be taking these tomorrow so they will be uploaded within my next post.
I have tried to gather my own research using the internet to see what was previously within this venue but sadly I have been unable to find any information in regards to this so tomorrow I hope to visit the History museum to help clear this up. For now, I thought I would begin designing the basics of the building because these have been around since before the 1960’s so these would feature very similar in the buildings design.

This is where I stand currently with the modelling for my building. After visiting the history centre, I hope I will have a better idea of what the shop face will look like, if not then I will have to improvise by using what it looks like currently as a guide. The building at the moment is around 1,200 polys, I hope that I can keep the figure low so it works better within engine. The design is rather simple, similar to the kardomah building I did for whitefriargate so the techniques are all the same, only thing I did different is save a lot of time by just copying the windows and scaling them accordingly. The model is snapped to grid with the pivot set correctly and is the correct height and width to my current knowledge. I hope to have the building finished in regards to the modelling by the end of the week, then I can spend reading week having it textured.

Silverrender3 Silverrender4 Silverstrender1 Silverstrender2

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