Gamification: Create an App: More research

For this blog post, I have decided to investigate my target market so that I have enough research in order to begin to understand who I am developing an app for so that it is more effective. I also want to begin to make a decision on what game mechanics I have intensions to apply so that it can be implemented as soon as possible rather then having to backtrack when making my designs.

as mentioned in my previous post, I began to look at who I had intended to aim my app at for it to be most effective.

Who is this app aimed at?:

The app is aimed to individuals who are;

  • Young and unemployed (Aging between 18-30)
  • People within the Hull area
  • Bartle’s achievers/socializers but more dominant on the achievers’

I firstly wanted to investigate how employment was within Hull currently, and the more I read, the more I began to understand that a lot more people were becoming unemployed. Here are some of the articles I found during my research;

Unemployment is sinking, so with this in mind I feel as if my app would meet a reoccurring issue so hopefully it will make a difference for people and help keep people feeling motivated. I thought that because a lot of these people will have spare time, they will most likely be using applications such as Facebook and twitter as it common these days for most people to be using social media. By allowing my app to share to Facebook it gives those individuals who are defined as socialisers to show their progress on Facebook which would also benefit the app as it will gain awareness. For the achievers, having points and rewards are important mechanics to implement. With many individuals owning smartphones, this app would be accessible to many, especially those who are considered more at risk of not getting a job such as young adults who have left college or university in hope of finding work yet struggling to get into the field.

I began thinking of how I could keep the user engaged, and I felt as if the best way for me to do this is to use positive and negative reinforcement so I began to look closer at this and began to think of ways that I could implement this within my app.

Positive reinforcement:

  • Points
  • Levels
  • Experience bars
  • Certificates
  • Unlockable content (Stuff for customising the character)

Negative reinforcement:

  • You can lose exp each day you don’t use the app (You can’t lose levels)
  • Your characters expression will alter depending on the usage of the app (e.g. if app not used for over 20+ days your character will be sad. If you visit your app every day for a week, the character will show a happy face. This could be used to show an employer that you are committed to finding work?
  • If you don’t complete the daily objectives you will not gain bonus experience

When designing my app I will try to implement these features within my design but this is an on going process so not all of these will be used but each will be trailed to see what works and what doesn’t.



2 thoughts on “Gamification: Create an App: More research

  1. Good research Abbie, you might also want to look more into Skinners operant conditioning. It will play a large role in the gamification of anything.

    Also, I really like the new blog layout, it’s a lot easier to navigate.

  2. Okay i’ll do some more research and apply it to my app, and yeah I noticed there were a lot of issues with the functionality of my website so I asked Phil for a little help with tweaking my menus.

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