Gamification: Create an App: Research

For our Games Design and Theory module, we were asked to ‘devise your own mini-project model of Gamification that will illustrate how games can be used in a non game setting to enhance human interaction with the world through which we move, this could be as simple as improving engagement with city way-finding, customer loyalty/improving return business, health or sustainability/environmental concerns.’

I thought the first thing to do was to mind map some possible ideas, rather than do this by writing down my ideas or physically drawing them out, I thought I would look into a new piece of software to give my mind map a more professional look. By using a particular piece of kit to design it rather than using current suites or software I have, I thought it would not only give me nicer template designs but it would optimise my results as the program would have been developed for one reason in mind.

So the first couple of broad ideas I could possibly use for this could be;

  • City way-finding
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Health
  • Environmental concerns
  • Education
  • Schedule keeping
  • Motivation
  • Financial spending
  • Job searching

Looking into different gamified ideas, the ones that I found interesting were as followed;

Habit RPG

Habit RPG is an online application which allows you to gamifiy habits which allows you to gamify everything you do in life. It is effective because it not only offers rewards but puts consequences in place so that you feel like you need to keep checking the page and updating with the correct information, but also that you are trying your hardest to achieve. You are rewarded with experience points, which are given to you whenever you complete a task and as a result it allows you to level up over time. You are able to customise your character which really does help when applying yourself to the application as it made it more personalised for myself. Being able to use this on both my mobile device and my computer meant that I had no excuse from using the app and allowed me to use it while out and about, and once a task had been complete I was able to check it off.


This app allows you to do many things such as see your progress and share with the world. This app is aimed at achievers and socializers by the use of particular mechanics such as achievements and utilising social media to share scores or achievements. You can see how many days you have been smoke free, you can track how many cigarettes you have avoided and can see the amount of money and time you have saved. This can be very motivational and I think the app would be very effective for those who are wanting to quit. I am currently quitting smoking myself and feel like I follow a very similar process which works for me, which is also shown on the app for example I calculate how many cigarettes I have missed and I sum up the amount of money I have saved as a result., so maybe this app would help gamify the process for someone like myself to follow through.

Pain Squad

Pain squad is an app aimed at young patients who are suffering from cancer and are going through treatment. The app gives the children the opportunity to voice their experience through the app by giving them a way of monitoring the pain, its simple and easy to navigate through and seems to do its job well. It gives the individuals videos to help keep them motivated in beating the pain, allowing them to upgrade to a higher rank keeping people motivated in posting on the app. The app is being used in many hospitals across Canada and has seen to be engaging and a effective solution to what may have been an issue for many. It gives the doctor to see the issue from the child’s point of view allowing them to respond more effectively.

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