New endeavors: Involvement within a large project

I thought that looking into finding some external work would help me toward up skilling but also giving me a bit of a confidence boost by socializing with different individuals working towards the same goal. After looking into what projects were available out there, I was able to find a group who were looking for someone to help in regards to 3d modelling who is able to help them model their project and help it come to life a little bit.

Without jumping too much into the project, it is basically a fantasy RPG game with a twist. Talking with one of the individuals on the project, I was tasked to have a play around with modelling a character one of the guys had drawn. This was my first proper attempt at modelling a character but here is the result so far.

Character photo 1

Some new things I have learned is that;

  1. Making sure that the textured plane is fixed so that it won’t be altered by accident, you can do this by right clicking the plane and selecting ‘Freeze section’
  2. To make the texture visible on the plane once its frozen you have to right click, go into object properties and untick ‘show frozen in grey’
  3. To get the model into ‘X ray mode’ you must press alt + x, to make this more transparent you must go to object properties and select ‘Backface cull’

Other then that, the model so far has been simply extruding parts and swift loop. I did use the symmetry modifier then bridged the gap between the model to attach it all together by selecting the edges and pressing bridge. I’m unsure how this model will turn out, as after all this is my first try but so far it is looking promising. For those who are new to character modelling like myself, I really would use the tutorial I have been following;

I found it really helpful and I managed to learn a new thing or two so I really recommend checking it out. Now to continue with the project and i’ll keep updating once I’m at a turning point with my character to show my progress at different points. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions on where I can improve or what I could look at to help, as I said character modelling is new to me so advice is welcomed!


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