Using Mudbox

I have begun to experiment with another Autodesk piece of kit to help me produce my dinosaur who is the playable character within my personal project. I began to explore creating him using 3ds max but I found that I have difficulty due to how complex the dinosaur needed to be and I didn’t feel like I could achieve this very easy so I have decided to begin to learn Mudbox and try create Allen within that.


Luckily for me there was a mesh for a T-rex, which is very similar to the frame I would be needing for Allen.

Plain dinosaur

So far I have managed to pick up a few basics and have started to begin to piece together what is soon to be the playable character. Once I have added a few more details, I feel like I will have finished the modelling stage and will be able to texture and rig my character.

mudboxallen1 mudboxallen2

For those new to mudbox, I would really check out these tutorials as they are really clear and helpful for beginners.


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