Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the creations of an individual for example a piece of art, a poem or even designs, names and symbols. Pretty much anything which is original content by an individual, although an idea isn’t intellectual property.

You have ownership of intellectual property if you are the individual who created it, if you bought the rights from the owner who previously had the rights or if you have a trademark. If you create the work for someone else for example you are employed and are asked to create it then it’s likely the intellectual property will fall to the owner of the company.

There are several ways to protect your intellectual property so in the instance someone tries to steal or copy your work you can take legal action against them. The different ways to protect your IP (Intellectual Property) are;




Design right

Registered designs

You can use many of these methods at one time to protect your product for example you could use copyright which is an automated right to protect the design of a product and you could use the companies name and logo to help protect the product also as it would show ownership. Using a NDA allows you to talk about your IP with an individual and would prevent them from stealing the idea or informing anybody else about it.

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