Design right

A design right protects a design for up to 10 years after it was first sold or 15 years after it was created. This can be used to prevent other individuals from using your design. The design right only applies for the arrangement of a design but you can register a design to give it more protection and increases your coverage for up to 25 years. Coverage includes;

  • Appearance
  • Physical shape
  • Configuration
  • Decoration

In order to register a design it must;

  • be a new design
  • it must not be offensive
  • it must not use protected emblems or flags
  • it must not be an invention (This is something you would need a patent for instead)

Although this is similar to copyright, it stands apart from copyright. Copyright can be used to support this such as detailed information to support the design. Within game industry this kind of support could help protect logo designs and could use copyright to help support it. I find this is a good way to give a designer that little bit more protection on their designs.


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